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If and only if a month has exactly two characters in its Roman numeral, then it has less than 31 days. No exception. 

Save your knuckles!

There's a poem I know:

Thirty days has September, April, June, and November.

All the rest have thirty-one.

Except for February.

Agreement: Upvote

How much do you agree with this, separate from whether you think it's a good comment?

Come on, if you didn't click the button, you have some explaining to do!

Also, only eat oysters in a month with an R in the name.

Desired feature for LessWrong:

Ability to register bets that's is linked to accounts. Leaderboards, offering and accepting bets, ability to assign arbiters etc

It would be cool to see and track various bets - LessWrong is the obvious platform

The issue with forecasting platforms is that for any one of them there is a huge chance they won't be around irn 5 or 10 years which defeats the point of long term bets

I've thought about integrating bets and predictions more into LessWrong. An alternate option is to integrate with existing prediction platforms to see people's track record on Metaculus, PredictionBook, etc.


I'm curious what your thoughts about the various options are ?

Is there a keyboard shortcut for “go to next unread comment” (i.e. next comment marked with green line)? In large threads I currently scroll a while until I find the next green comment, but there must be a better way.

Is it just me or has the center part of the homepage moved slightly left? Something just feels off when I look at it.

I'm pretty proud of this and will take the option to brag a little :-)

I've found an integer sequence that is both meaningfully generateable and doesn't occur in the OEIS (and superseeker also doesn't find any way to generate it).

The first six integers in the sequence are 1,2,8,144,10752,3306240, any further ones are (for me at the moment) basically impossible to compute.

I'd be interested if anyone finds some interesting structure in the existing numbers, I've only noticed that they have surprisingly small prime factors.

Is there a way to get the book in a physical form? I want to share it with a family member who expressed interest, but they really need a physical book to read. I could just get the epub printed I'm sure, but I'd like to purchase it in a way that helps the organization if possible.

Which book do you mean?

I'm thinking Rationality AI to Zombies, or whatever Less Wrong has to provide. 

You can get copies of that on amazon

There's also LessWrong essay collections and things on there.