Thank you. Yes it is a real problem, speaking from experience from the people I personally know. The reason these events are not talked about much is that any press just makes the problem worse—it gives a bunch of copycat muggers the same bright idea. So unfortunately you get a bunch of speculation and not a lot of observable evidence of the downsides of that speculation, so people don’t realize the harm that has been caused.

There are people who have been killed in attempted bitcoin muggings. Speculating on the Internet that someone is possession of >1 million bitcoins is like tattooing a big target on their back they can’t get rid of.

NaiveTortoise's Short Form Feed

by NaiveTortoise 1 min read11th Aug 201885 comments

In light of reading Hazard's Shortform Feed -- which I really enjoy -- based on Raemon's Shortform feed, I'm making my own. There be thoughts here. Hopefully, this will also get me posting more.