Blockchain idea inspired by 80,000 Hours's interview of Vitalik Buterin: a lot of podcasts either have terrible transcriptions or presumably pay a service to transcribe their sessions. However, even these services make minor typos such as "ASX" instead of "ASICs" in the linked interview.

Now, most people who read these transcripts presumably notice at least a subset of these typos but don't want to go through the effort of emailing podcasters to tell them about it. On the flip side, there's no good way for hosts to scalably audit flagged typos to see if they're actually typos. What we really want is a mostly automated mechanism to aggregate flagged typos and accept fixes which multiple people agree upon that only pays people (micro amounts) for correctly identifying typos.

This mechanism seems like something that could live on a blockchain in some sort of smart contract. Obviously, like almost every blockchain application, you *could* do it without a blockchain, but using blockchain makes it easy to audit and distribute the micro-payments rather than having to program the voting scheme from scratch on top of a centralized database.

NaiveTortoise's Short Form Feed

by NaiveTortoise 1 min read11th Aug 201885 comments

In light of reading Hazard's Shortform Feed -- which I really enjoy -- based on Raemon's Shortform feed, I'm making my own. There be thoughts here. Hopefully, this will also get me posting more.