(Note: responded quickly before removing. I've since edited this comment now that I have more time. Also I'm not the person who downvoted your post.)

I definitely did not intend to cause anyone or their family danger (or harassment, etc.), so I've removed the post.

Mostly in the selfish interest of showing that I wasn't being negligent, I did consider this risk before posting. That's why I noted that I have no information beyond what's already public and was taking into account that since I heard this speculation on a podcast which involved one relatively prominent cryptocurrency person (I won't say who so as not to publicize it further), it seemed unlikely that my post would add additional noise.

All that said, I still agree that even a small chance of harm is more than enough reason to remove the post. Especially, since:

  1. it seems like you're more involved in the crypto community than I and therefore probably have more context than I do on this topic; and
  2. my own version of integrity includes not doing things that only don't cause bad outcomes because they're obscure (related to my second point above).

NaiveTortoise's Short Form Feed

by NaiveTortoise 1 min read11th Aug 201885 comments

In light of reading Hazard's Shortform Feed -- which I really enjoy -- based on Raemon's Shortform feed, I'm making my own. There be thoughts here. Hopefully, this will also get me posting more.