Because of the expansion of space I think that if you get far enough away from earth, you will never be able to return to earth even if you travel at the speed of light. If we become a super-advanced civilization we could say that if you want to colonize another solar system we will put you on a ship that won't stop until the ship is sufficiently far from earth so that neither you nor any of your children will be able to return. Given relativity if this ship can more fast enough it won't take too long in ship time to reach such a point. (I haven't read everything at the links so please forgive me if you have already mentioned this idea.)

If there was a decentralized singularity and offence proved stronger than defense I would consider moving to a light cone that couldn't ever intersect with the light cone of anyone I didn't trust.

1) the math may work out for this, but you're giving up a lot of potential-existence-time to do so (halfway or more to the heat-death of the universe).

2) we haven't gotten off this planet, let alone to another star, so it seems a bit premature to plan to get out of many-eon light cones.

3) If there is an event that shows offence stronger than defense (and you're a defender), it's too late to get away.

4) Wherever you go, you're bringing the seeds of such an event with you - there's nothing that will make you or your colony immune from whatever went wrong for the rest of the known intelligent life in the universe.

Could the Maxipok rule have catastrophic consequences? (I argue yes.)

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Here I argue that following the Maxipok rule could have truly catastrophic consequences.

Here I provide a comprehensive list of actual humans who expressed, often with great intensity, omnicidal urges. I also discuss the worrisome phenomenon of "latent agential risks."

And finally, here I argue that a superintelligence singleton constitutes the only mechanism that could neutralize the "threat of universal unilateralism" and the consequent breakdown of the social contract, resulting in a Hobbesian state of constant war among Earthians.

I would genuinely welcome feedback on any of these papers! The first one seems especially relevant to the good denizens of this website. :-)