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Axioms (together with definitions) forms the basis of mathematical theorems. Every mathematical theorem is only proven inside its axiom system... (read more)

AI Control in the context of AI Alignment is a category of plans that aim to ensure safety and benefit from AI systems, even if they are goal-directed and are actively trying to subvert your control measures. From The case for ensuring that powerful AIs are controlled:.. (read more)

The Open Agency Architecture ("OAA") is an AI alignment proposal by (among others) @davidad and @Eric Drexler.  .. (read more)

Singluar learning theory is a theory that applies algebraic geometry to statistical learning theory, developed by Sumio Watanabe. Reference textbooks are "the grey book", Algebraic Geometry and Statistical Learning Theory, and "the green book", Mathematical Theory of Bayesian Statistics.

Archetypal Transfer Learning (ATL) is a proposal by @whitehatStoic for what is argued by the author to be a fine tuning approach that "uses archetypal data" to "embed Synthetic Archetypes". These Synthetic Archetypes are derived from patterns that models assimilate from archetypal data, such as artificial stories. The method yielded a shutdown activation rate of 57.33% in the GPT-2-XL model after fine-tuning. .. (read more)

Open Threads are informal discussion areas, where users are welcome to post comments that didn't quite feel big enough to warrant a top-level post, nor fit in other posts... (read more)

A Black Marble is a technology that by default destroys the civilization that invents it. It's one type of Existential Risk. AGI may be such an invention, but isn't the only one... (read more)

AI Evaluations focus on experimentally assessing the capabilities, safety, and alignment of advanced AI systems. These evaluations can be divided into two main categories: behavioral and understanding-based... (read more)

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