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What does Lesswrong think of this video? What Is God? - Leo Becomes Absolute Infinity (Aka God) - All Of Reality Explained

I also wonder: What do you think of subjective experience?

When someone that claims to have had remarkable experiences will show remarkable skills, that's when I'll start listening to them. Not raising the dead, mind you, just above average competence in living their life. Until then, it's just wasted time.
I think this is the second time within a week or two that someone who's never posted to LW before has come along with a video from this same person, asking "what do you think about this?" and the first time the person in question turned out to be here not to inquire but to proselytize. [EDITED because what I initially wrote in the first paragraph wasn't quite what I intended.] And I think what I've watched of this video (roughly the first 1/3, at double speed) is incredibly unimpressive: this guy took mind-altering drugs and had an experience that made a big impression on him, as people who take mind-altering drugs often do, and now he wants to tell us what an incredible enlightenment he's had. (And he keeps telling us that it's something we won't be able to understand ... and then goes on to try to explain it.)
I agree with Viliam's sentiment. I would add that in general rational arguments of the kind that this website discusses can be made via text. If someone avoids the clearity of thought that text provides but instead tries to make his argument via video to tell stories that rise emotions, that suggests that the arguments that the person brings forward aren't a good fit for this website. As far as subjective experience. Yes, humans do experience something subjectively and that can be great. It however doesn't mean in any way that there isn't an objective reality out there.
My personal reaction: the prior probability that it's bullshit doesn't motivate me to spend 48 minutes watching it.