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The update hasn't made its way here yet, so I'll copy the relevant paragraphs from the updated blog post:

Good news! In an edit to correct a previous version of this post, Dr. Fauci has NOT thrown in with the eternally sacrificing scaremongers, who hereafter will be referred to as the Doom Patrol, by telling us that the vaccines will not block infection. I apologize to him and to all for the error. Instead, it is the headline writers and summarizers who took his true statement – that the vaccines are being tested and measured for preventing illness rather t

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The Atlantic has an excellent article on the importance of super-spreader events to transmission of COVID-19.  It explains how some countries have had better success by taking super-spreader events into account:

This Overlooked Variable Is the Key to the Pandemic: It’s not R.

Here are two key paragraphs:

Oshitani told me that in Japan, they had noticed the overdispersion characteristics of COVID-19 as early as February, and thus created a strategy focusing mostly on cluster-busting, which tries to prevent one cluster from igniting another. Oshitani said

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Thank you for keeping profanity out of your articles.