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Optimal Employment

Employment is a transaction, where the employer is willing to pay up to X and the employee willing to work for no less than Y. For jobs where the minimum wage is greater than X it kills the job, but when it is less than X but more than Y it can force more of the surplus from the employment transaction to go to the employee. Obviously it's hard to set the right minimum wage for all jobs in a large economy.

Also, it's my understanding that people working above but near the minimum wage usually get raises when the minimum wage goes up; the minimum wage communi... (read more)

Scientific Self-Help: The State of Our Knowledge

I think the term feminists use that you are looking for is "enthusiastic consent"; for the reasons you describe, "no means no" may be too limited of a standard at times for ensuring ethical sex.

Scientific Self-Help: The State of Our Knowledge

You are right. It's strange to see "begs the question" used properly for a change, I couldn't puzzle it out when I read it before.

0TheOtherDave11y(nods) I know what you mean: I would have quietly assumed it was a misuse as well if you hadn't raised the question and made me consider it explicitly; I was surprised to realize that it needn't be.
1TheOtherDave11yActually, the quote does beg the question... the connotations of "even" presuppose certain answers to the question of what venues like LW are for.
Rationality Quotes: January 2011

What do you think the different definitions of possible they are using are?

1pjeby11yDefinition 1: possible as in "I can imagine winning, therefore it's possible" Definition 2: possible as in "actually possible for me to do in reality, independent of whether I imagine it to be so" The quote was using definition 2: that is, "if you persuade yourself that you can do a certain thing, provided this thing is possible [in the real world when you attempt it], you will do it, however difficult it may be." Desrtopa's argument from team sports is using the first. IOW, just because a given team imagines it possible to win does not mean they can win, because winning is not under their control. They can, however, imagine it possible to execute various skills at a high level of proficiency, and do this, whether they win or not. In fact, it is generally reputed that the "winningest" teams tend to follow this philosophy: i.e., to practice the execution of basic skills to a near-exclusion of any consideration of "winning". This is quite in keeping with the spirit of the original quote, which is regarding that which is actually possible given a particular set of circumstances (such as the state of the other team) which are not actually under your control.
Defecting by Accident - A Flaw Common to Analytical People

I don't know of a way to preview comments, but each comment has an "edit" button if you made a mistake.

For the italics I'll do a test in this comment.

Edit: I didn't lose my spaces, but comments might work differently than articles.

Defecting by Accident - A Flaw Common to Analytical People

It actually looks to me like every time the article has italics start or end, a space is missing. Is there an issue with how the site deals with italic tags? I'm viewing this on Chrome in Windows 7.

0beriukay11yWow, I didn't even notice all the other ones. Nice catch. One counter-example to consider is in the first paragraph: I added the formatting for italics back in, since it didn't survive transcription. Is there any way to view your comment before posting? I'm always kinda nervous to submit without an opportunity to see what I wrote as the world sees it.
More art, less stink: Taking the PU out of PUA

If becoming PUAs reduces their anger in the later stages, it seems much better than nothing (where they would presumably stay angry). Are you saying that PUA communities should devote more resources to reducing the anger of new members? Or are you suggesting that PUA communities increase the anger of new members before reducing it?

Disclaimer: My whole understanding of PUAs comes from HughRistik (on this site and elsewhere) and other people on this site.

Do you have High-Functioning Asperger's Syndrome?

I got 11 (there's nowhere to report this on the poll; I selected '10 or less', as that seemed like where the missing 11 should go based on how the numbers are grouped).

I'm a utilitarian. Before taking the test, I figured I'd get something in the 16-20 range.

Attention Lurkers: Please say hi

I've been lurking here for six months or so; I think I got here from Overcoming Bias through a link from Marginal Revolution. I try not to come here more than once a week because I end up spending too much time here due to the extensive interlinking.