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A map of LWers - find members of the community living near you.

I found a setting that fixes this by clustering close markers and displaying the number of them.

A map of LWers - find members of the community living near you.

I'll PM everyone so they can add themselves to my map.

Edit: Done spamming people. 6 of the 28 names weren't LW accounts nor on the IRC channel.

A map of LWers - find members of the community living near you.

There's a displace function that I suppose is meant for this (check your markers now and you'll understand). I could pull them farther apart if you wish.

As an alternative solution, I could put both names on the same marker.

FWIW, there are ways to find a marker that got buried below others. Browsing the list on the right is obvious, but not very helpful I suppose. Additionally, when you click a marker and then close the popover that appears, the marker will be moved behind the markers it was in front of.

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Followup: Sequences book reading group

I volunteer. I'm in a good position to commit to it. But I'm wondering why can't the process of posting regular threads be automated? I assume it's not possible because I'd expect it to be commonplace if it was, but all regular threads seem to be posted manually.

Open thread, Feb. 23 - Mar. 1, 2015

You guys worry too much :)

Personally, I'd be happy to meet someone who has read LW even if they aren't around the community anymore, so I don't get what the concern is. The map may have "LessWrong" in the title, but it's really about meeting interesting people.

Particularly as you are a relatively recent joiner, how much confidence should we have that you will be around to manage the location map in future?

I'm actually not new - this is just a new account. I don't see myself leaving LessWrong anytime soon. Regardless, if I disappear I don't se... (read more)

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Yes, I'm going to post to Discussion, but I wanted to test the waters in an Open Thread first.

I would also like to see that sort of thing circulated around survey time at the end of this year

Good idea. I'll see what I can do about that.

it's conceivable to me that ZeeMaps is not the only service like this

ZeeMaps is the one I know. I did check AlternativeTo, but haven't found anything promising so I just went with ZeeMaps. It's possible to export the data if someone comes up with a better alternative.

Open thread, Feb. 23 - Mar. 1, 2015

I mean in general. Clicking a confirmation link might not seem much, but when you multiply by every person every month it is. I suspect it would be more work than just fixing problems as they are found, but I might be underestimating the amount of problems that will be found I guess.

Most importantly, I don't want to risk people not participating because they don't want to be spammed. An alternative solution to consider is redoing the map every year, but I still feel it's unnecessary.

Open thread, Feb. 23 - Mar. 1, 2015

Regardless of how true what you're saying is, it all sounds like very weak reasons not to try. Some people find aversive to contact an stranger? Whatever, some don't. I'm sure there'll be plenty of people who won't hesitate in seizing an opportunity to meet a fellow LWer, especially if they live in less developed places where meeting interesting people is really hard.

A monthly mail confirmation sounds like more trouble than it's worth, and people might be put off by the spammy nature of it. I think fixing the map as people report problems is a better appro... (read more)

I agree, these aren't good reasons not to try. When you say more trouble than it's worth, do you mean for you or for people on the map? I wasn't saying "you should do this", I was going for "it might be neat if someone wrote software to do this". I agree that doing it manually would be a pain in the ass, and would be somewhat spammy because people didn't opt in for that when they added themselves.
Open thread, Feb. 23 - Mar. 1, 2015

Maybe. Or maybe it could be mentioned on the meetups page. I'm not the one to make that call.

Open thread, Feb. 23 - Mar. 1, 2015

Just contact me if you lose your URL. I'll delete the marker and you can make a new one.

Open thread, Feb. 23 - Mar. 1, 2015

I would expect that people move so rarely that the information would remain mostly up to date for years or even decades. Am I wrong?

I can also add a comment somewhere telling people to notify me if they tried to reach someone and failed. In that case I would try to contact the person to see what's up and, failing that, remove the marker myself.

I've added a marker but wonder whether this has long-term possibilities. It seems not many people have added markers yet (although this may relate to the readership of open threads). Regarding physical movement, it seems to me that lots of LWers are relatively mobile, even measured on scale of years. examples: high school students who travel to university or elsewhere for work reasons; university students who finish & get employment elsewhere; postgraduate students, contract researchers, academics. Also seems like there are plenty of people willing to consider alternative locations based on future opportunities. My concerns are not just related to physical movement but also virtual movement - think of the number of members who were active here even 2-3 years ago but are no longer involved. Or just how short-lasting many free email addresses are. Offering to actively manage the map is thoughtful but what if you decide to move on from LW? Particularly as you are a relatively recent joiner, how much confidence should we have that you will be around to manage the location map in future? All that said, I might PM a member from looking at the map if I happen to be visiting their location ... assuming their posting history suggests it might be worthwhile.
Even if people don't move much, they might leave the community, or remain in the community but stop checking LW so that they look like they've left. But it's not just about whether or not it does stay accurate, it's also about whether people perceive it to be accurate. If someone expects it to be out of date, they might not even bother trying. I (and I think a bunch of other people) find it somewhat aversive to contact a complete stranger with a request, even if that person has said it's totally okay to contact them with those requests, and it gets worse if they said it six months ago and might have retracted the offer. (Related, if I did contact someone and got no reply, I would then find it somewhat aversive to contact you and let you know about it. I might also forget to do that, it's difficult to trigger off of not getting a reply to an email. And then I'd have to wonder if you're still active...) Incidentally, I looked for a previous iteration so we could see empirically whether or not it's still accurate, but I can't find it. LW uses the word "map" a lot. I did find a couchsurfing group [] that no longer seems to exist.
Open thread, Feb. 23 - Mar. 1, 2015

A few days back I made a ZeeMap for LessWrong and promised to post it in an Open Thread, so here it is:

It's basically a way of finding people that share a particular interest living nearby. There is no need to register - just add your marker and keep an eye out for someone living near you.

Maybe this should be linked from the front page?
I like these things, and I've added myself, but... there've been similar ones in the past, they don't stay up to date. I feel like without some way for users to know, six months from now, that the information they're looking at is still accurate, any given iteration is never going to be very useful for long. An idea that's floating around in my head, I think I've mentioned it before, is that a service like this could require everyone to occasionally confirm that they're still in the same place. Send out an email once a month, they can click a link or reply to remain on the map, or ignore it to be removed.
This is great. This is totally a thing I can use for this []. Thanks!
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I'm going to post about this on an open thread later, but meanwhile I think it might be useful here.

I made a ZeeMap for LessWrong just yesterday:

A ZeeMap is a good way of finding people that share an interest living nearby. You add your location and contact information, and hope someone living near you sees it.

It seems that the visibility of such a post is a large factor in how effectively it fulfills its purpose. In my opinion, it warrants a discussion post. I was just trying to figure out, short of asking in a post or an open thread, how many enthusiastic LessWrong users live in Tampa, Florida. Apparently Michael Vassar briefly stopped in Tampa a few years ago, and there was a meetup, but the chapter never began to meet regularly. If many people reported their interests and locations, it would facilitate the creation of new meetup groups. I would also like to see that sort of thing circulated around survey time at the end of this year. You might consider reaching out to someone about that. People are primed to report large amounts of information during survey time. It would seem the most prudent time to request any such information. Lastly, it's conceivable to me that ZeeMaps is not the only service like this. Which service to use is an entire decision in itself that could affect the efficacy of your plans. E.g. services with well-designed user interfaces are preferable to services with poorly-designed user interfaces because you don't want trivial inconveniences to be your data bottleneck, etc.