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General alignment plus human values, or alignment via human values?

I agree with you that utility-maximizing "maximum optimization power" AIs need to have some knowledge of human values to be safe - at least enough to avoid bad side effects.

On the other hand, I think that when you have an AI that can safely create 2 copies of the same strawberry, there might still be problems to solve that the AI might not already be solved at that point - like how to aggregate preferences of various people, how to extrapolate human values into weird situations, etc.

On the other other hand, some alignment problems give me the impression th... (read more)

The Machine that Broke My Heart

I'm obese and struggle with weight loss, so this is a particularly sad story to hear. My experience makes me think a lot of my issues could be improved just by having someone, like, standing 24/7 by my side going "hey" when I go to buy ice cream, stress-eat etc.

Would you be willing to make the pieces you made available to someone who wanted to pick up where you ended? I'd probably not be that person, though (because don't have the spoons).

I don't recommend anyone use that actual literal hardware we used. Hardware advances fast and some of the components we used are no longer manufactured by Nordic Semiconductor. It would be better to start from scratch with new hardware. The hardware was not complicated. It was just an industry-standard IMU attached to an industry-standard microcontroller attached to a battery, a vibrating motor and a charging light. If someone wants to take on this project the thing to steal from my experience would be the machine learning architecture. That's where all the hard technical challenges were. I think I have left behind enough hints in my story to save them 80% of the algorithmic work. Anyone competent enough to pull this project off could probably muddle through the remaining 20% on their own, but I recommend they hire me instead.
The principle of no non-Apologies

I wrote it as the sort of advice that I think might have been useful to me a couple years back, and to counteract the specific issue of "getting cornered to into conceding that you messed up though you don't believe you messed up". I think it's good advice for people-like-past-me, but as a targeted intervention, maybe a TAP like "about to apologize for something that was not a mess-up --> don't apologize unless you mean it". (That is a salient trigger for me, because "I'm apologizing for something that was no... (read more)

The principle of no non-Apologies

You're right, that didn't occur to me to mention. (My native language separate idioms for that use.)

Growth mindset for better sex

Yeah, you're right - I'm equivocating between learning from "feedback from listener" and "feedback from master of the skill". Thanks for the links, I'll put them on The List.

(Hmm, now that I'm seeing them on Goodreads they seem to be about male-female-sex-for-male-readers, which lowers their value for me as I'm pan, but then, writing gender-general sex advice is probably harder than specific-combination advice...)

I think that's more true for the book of Daniel Rose book but not of Nicole Daedone. I think Slow Sex is general. Even for Daniel's book the core concepts of Dominance, Emotion, Variety and Immersion are likely also applicable to other sex configurations. Take for example the principle of variety. Given what you wrote in the OP it sounds like you search for the one best way of doing things. That's however a way of approaching sex that can reduce the variety and thus reduce the enjoyment. I would expect that principle to also be valuable in homosexual sex and see no reason why it would only be important for male-female-sex-for-male-readers.
Growth mindset for better sex

Yep, some people won't share that enthusiasm, and I guess that's okay-ish. Would make long-term things harder than necessary though.

You are an optimizer. Act like it!

When I was thinking about this, what I had in mind was "Be a smart optimizer. If the best use of your resources right now is to go slack off for a day to regain energy, do that. Better than to have 15 productive minutes and then crash."

I am really rarely in "optimizer mode", and wrote this in a moment of inspiration.

Thanks. ~6 s per card seems faster than average, judging from other user reports I've seen (e.g. here [] ). It appears that Wozniak's formula underestimates time costs, which is also in line with Gwern's remarks here [].
My Anki patterns

Hi Pablo. Thanks for the link to the formula, I did not know someone already looked into it. At some point I estimated that it cost me ~250 s to learn a card in the first year.

In the last year, it looks like I spent ~1 hour per day reviewing on average. When I'm on my desktop computer, I'll share the Anki statistics PDF.

I think one reason the formula might be underestimating is because I keep expanding my deck over time, so there's a mix of newer and older cards.

I am also a bit concerned that I might be adding cards not always for what'... (read more)

My Anki patterns

It's aestethics but more aestetic :)

My Anki patterns

Hmm yeah, looks like you're right. That's surprising, if memory serves me right I read it for free and legally. If you Google for "Anki essentials PDF" the first result is a PDF that seems to be from Alex Vermeer's own site, but maybe that's a limited version. Or maybe I'm misremembering the circumstances of how I read the book.

My Anki patterns

The extra "the" was a typo but seeing it later I decided it's not :)

What does Æsthethethics mean?
My Anki patterns

I just wrote some CSS and JavaScript over the weekend, planning to share soon.

My Anki patterns

Set of people:

  • authors or thinkers who I want to recall (e.g., "Sam Harris is the mindfulness and antireligion guy")
  • people I notice I confuse with other people
  • people who I notice I can't remember their name when I meet them (but do know them) - typically people I know and like but don't meet with regularly enough
  • coworkers in my broader team, my management chain

Photos: publicly available photos if googleable, pics from names and faces slides from meetups

The sad state of Rationality Zürich - Effective Altruism Zürich included

Hi! I'm Michael aka Rai, one of the organizers involved. Here's my take.

Roland creeps me out in a S1 way. I am not comfortable holding conversations (especially about personal things) around him. One day, I realized that I am not the only person feeling uncomfortable about Roland.

One of my chief aims as the current de-facto organizer of Rationality Zurich is to have a social group which is pleasant for the people involved, and I have come to believe that Roland's presence at the meetups is net negative, especially (but not exclusively) for t... (read more)

Hello Michael, I'm taking your criticism at face value here, although it doesn't add up with what Marko told me. He claimed that he was the one that convinced you to ban me. Anyways if social intelligence or empathy is something I lack that might be things that can be hard to fix, first because to a certain extent those are innate and second since no one in Rationality Zürich or EA provided any actionable advice or feedback.