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Progress comes from the persons willing to be different and create a new approach to solving problems--or entire new industries. Conformity is the bane of the politically correct approach to "consensus." In a conformity environment the best one can hope for is a local optimum solution that will likely be outworn quickly as reality sets in.

The rush to premature consensus destroys the possibility of achieving a global optimum.

In Russia and China one can be shot for being different. In the west, one is merely ostracized and demonized.

I think you might need to update your beliefs about Russia. The ones you seem to have are stuck in the 1930s-1940s.

Most commenters refer to cultists as if they are not them. Wrong. Understanding how the brain works--how it clings to belief--does not place one outside his own brain.

It is our emotional core of thought that leads to irrational attachment to belief. If machine intelligence can precipitate around a different "thought model" it may escape most(?) of the irrationality of its forerunners.

However, it will probably end up with a different set of irrationalities. We haven't got any examples of a near-human intelligence that's inherently rational, and I'd conjecture it's unlikely that our first few attempts will succeed in this.