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To give an answer on a fairly concrete level―I don't know a lot of category theory, but one interesting insight I've gained from my limited study of it, which has convinced me that it's worth learning, is about the notion of products of structures.

Most mathematics probably acquire an informal understanding of the notion of the products of structures before they study category theory. In the simplest cases we can say that taking the product of some structures is just the act of going from looking at individual elements to looking at composite... (read more)

4Ben Pace5y
As a Brit who grew up in Manchester, Keller's impression fits my own. If I think about the sorts of roles that people on tv play, be they comedians or newscasters, people with Welsh/Northern/Scottish/Irish/Liverpuddlian/Mancunian/Yorkshire accents are rarely high status, only folks who have 'British' accents and you can't really place them are high status (also Londoners). (And status is a strong proxy for class.) #Bikeshedding