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(Welcome, just Your posts made me to grab a pen and register here) crappy jobs, yes. Avoid those where your work will be trashed after some months - those are most meaningless ones. Also those works which will ripoff people are no way to go.

If you have great skills then you should focus on more peaceful projects and avoid government (especially military) and commercial sector areas, yes. :)

Well, when reading your other posts here about programming work, it seems that You are dealing on a wrong work if the recovering from the work takes too much time and is... (read more)

Fortunately, I don't have to make any special effort to stop working here, because it's a short-term job. Mostly I didn't spend enough time on the job application process, and was happy to have found something...

Rejection therapy is just like ignoring the cause, but leaving the cause itself unattended. So, it does more injury than helps. Man should focus instead of reasoning that "what makes that flinch? what is the reason for it?", becouse there is still that cause. Just ignoring the flinch (or even rejection programming) is like kicking the big rock again with bare foot.

It can also be that man is on the totally wrong place or applying on a wrong basis, wrong work... etc.

Also my experience is that in this phase -- writing CV and cover letter, is more or... (read more)

I recommend to all those programmers and scripters et al read that ESR page ("How To Become A Hacker").

You can do much, but the more skills and powers you have, then the bigger responsibility you have to make choice -- to whom you will work for? With great skills its no point to work in commercial software industry or in military assignments -- becouse the first is fixing problem over again and over, second job is destruction. Logically taking -- if the engineer education is only to build bombs then I wish that it should not exist at all, it sho... (read more)