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Netherlands lets our people go, ending all Covid restrictions.

Well, not all. Night clubs are closed, you can't drink past 10 PM, there are restrictions on number of people at events. Plus masks stay mandatory in a lot of places.

4Greg Kai2y
Indeed, it's more like going back to roughly what the immediate neighbors are doing (except Denmark) than a frank "Let it Go". They could not hold the hard line any longer, especially as before the recent election, Netherlands was in the Laissez-faire camp in Europe. Going from laissez-faire to one of the hardest line in Europe, jut when the first credible signs of the pandemy resolving emerged, was a strange move. A loosing bet by Mark Rutte (the prime minister) imho. That being said, I do not think there will be an unforced "Let it Go" in most European countries. It will likely happen under street pressure, fueled by the few countries really relaxing (because they are conviced they should,  or for political reasons) first (UK, Denmark, Scandinavian countries, Ireland), all with a lot of attempt at saving face.  And I guess that for the countries not correctly evaluating the street pressure and doing it too slow, it may turn sour with governments falling.  Correction: I hope rather than guess. Guessing what will happen politically has become really hard here.

About that Tango festival: judging from the graphs, Omicron hasn't fully come to Ukraine yet (and there are barely any restrictions for the last several months there).

What is the cause of this? If Omicron is so very contagious, and it is already close to peak in many places in Europe, why is Ukraine so late?

Those are two options each with an expected value of $75, so I have no idea what decision making they plan to test there?

If you had exactly one shot, one opportunity to surely take $75 – would you capture it or would you let it slip?

Here's an interesting reasoning: 

As I understand it, it goes something like: the list of symptoms which are required in UK for you to be able to get a free test is pretty much limited to cough or loss of smell or taste, but Delta has a different symptoms profile, so the more people get Delta the less the proportion of those who gets tested.

This wouldn't explain the recent reduction in R because Delta has already been dominant for a while.

I see people wonder about what happened in the Netherlands. And though drop might have been accelerated by school holidays, seems like a lot of people are not aware about what was the reason for the sharp rise on the prior week. From locals' perspective it went like this: the government allowed night clubs to open, requiring patrons to either be [fully? don't remember] vaccinated or show recent negative test. Pretty quickly some vaccinated asymptomatic positives infected a lot of unvaccinated negatives and the thing was spreading like wildfire among 20- an... (read more)

This actually builds a very strong case for unionising those at the bottom.