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Fair enough, I don't think neovim lacks anything. It is somewhat easier to install additional functionality in onivim, since it supports VsCode plugins, but everything I use (some syntax highlight + tabnine) is also available for neovim. I guess the convenience of adding functionality with a few clicks won me over.


Need: modal code editor that works well for a VIM user

Others I’ve tried:

VsCode with VIM plugin – as any other electron-based app, it tends to hang every once in a while, and the plugins are the first ones to be suspended, so you end up not being able to navigate around the code until it unfreezes.

Emacs with evil-mode – actually my second favourite VIM mode in a code editor. I’d recommend using spacemacs, if you want a good emacs config with evil-mode. Does not work great on large enough monorepos though.

Why don't you just use vim (or, even better, neovim)?  Is there something you think neovim lacks compared to those others (especially onivim)?

Thanks for taking and sharing your notes! Adding some of my own below that I haven't seen mentioned yet:

  • Sam made a case that people will stop caring about the size of the models as measured by the number of parameters, but will instead care about the training compute (with models that train continuously being the ultimate target). Parameters will get outdated in the same way we don't measure CPU performance using gigahertz anymore.
  • The main bottleneck towards the AGI at the moment is the algorithmic/theoretical breakthroughs. There were times when Sam was c
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This was in the context of when he was asked about the number of parameters of GPT-4. He said that the big changes are not in the number of parameters but in the structure of the model. And he made a pretty excited and/or confident impression on me when he said it. I wouldn't be surprised if the nxt GPT-N is much better without many more parameters.