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AGI Safety FAQ / all-dumb-questions-allowed thread

What's the problem with oracle AIs? It seems like if you had a safe oracle AI that gave human-aligned answers to questions, you could then ask "how do I make an aligned AGI?" and just do whatever it says. So it seems like the problem of "how to make an aligned agentic AGI" is no harder than "how to make an aligned orcale AI", which I understand to still be extremely hard, but surely it's easier than making an aligned agentic AGI from scratch?

my understanding is that while an oracle doesn't directly control the nukes, it provides info to the people who control the nukes. Which is pretty much just moving the problem one layer deeper. While it can't directly change the physical state of the world, it can manipulate people to pretty much achieve the same thing. Check this tag for more specifics:
What’s wrong with Pomodoro

While I’m here I guess I may as well post that i’ve been using your rational breaks idea for about two weeks now and it’s worked very well for me. It’s not very polished but I made this little website to help track my time in work mode or break mode: . Don’t refresh the page because it doesn’t persist your state haha. Also it starts you out in break mode with a few seconds of example time in each category but I’ll change that soon

Glad to hear it’s working well. I like your chart of today’s work & breaks on your site. Note the name change: []
Lies, Damn Lies, and Fabricated Options

I'm reading Being you and they make a similar point to the one you make about H20 and XYZ. It's part of their argument against p-zombies:

Here’s why the zombie idea is supposed to provide an argument against physicalist explanations of consciousness. If you can imagine a zombie, this means you can conceive of a world that is indistinguishable from our world, but in which no consciousness is happening. And if you can conceive of such a world, then consciousness cannot be a physical phenomenon.

And here’s why it doesn’t work. The zombie argument, like many tho

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