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Yes, this is basically what people are doing.  

I'm the Astera researcher that Nathan spoke to. This is a pretty bad misrepresentation of my views based on a 5 minute conversation that Nathan had with me about this subject (at the end of a technical interview). 

A few responses:

  • We do publish open source code at but we are considering moving to closed source at some point in the future for safety concerns
  • It is untrue that we are "not interested in securing [our] code or models against malicious actors", but it is true that we are not currently working on the intervention
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For those who don't want to break out a calculator, Wikipedia has it here:

You can see the perfect fourth and perfect fifth are very close to 4/3 and 3/2 respectively. This is basically just a coincidence and we use 12 notes per octave because there are these almost nice fractions. A major scale uses the 2212221 pattern because that hits all the best matches with low denominators, skipping 16/15 but hitting 9/8, for example. 

Imagine you had an oracle which could assess the situation an agent is in and produce a description for an ML architecture that would correctly "solve" that situation.

I think for some strong versions of this oracle, we could create the ML component from the architecture description with modern methods. I think this combination could effectively act as AGI over a wide range of situations, again with just modern methods. It would likely be insufficient for linguistic tasks.

I think that's what this article is getting at. The author is an individual from Uber. Does anyone know if this line of thinking has other articles written about it?

I'm not quite sure what you mean. If you want other manifests for a more evolutionary or meta-learning approach, DM has which lays out a bigger proposal around PBT and other things they've been exploring, if not as all-in on evolution as Uber AI has been for years now.

I take Creatine (as a vegetarian), Tyrosine (because I notice increased cognitive energy -- may be placebo), and 5HTP (seems to promote a sense of calm, may be placebo).

I recommend everyone take a full amino acid supplement, and see if it seems to make a difference subjectively. If it does, you might be deficient in one or more particular aminos, and you can further experiment.

I also go to church regularly. Albeit it is a Unitarian Universalist church, and I am an atheist.