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Maybe, that makes sense to me. As an offshoot of that (sort of), I would also say on the internet really produces so much FOMO - and a lot of people feel resentment over that, especially coupled with loneliness nowadays. Browsing social media just makes so many people feel worse. 

So, people are signaling more and those "left out" feel worthless amid FOMO as if they are behind or 'not living their best life.' 

I have not look at India specifically, I was thinking more of Japan, China and South Korea. Would be interesting to find out though. 

Which trust metrics would you instead use? The Gallup numbers are an aggregate of trust across many spheres by the way, and include areas as distant from each other as healthcare to church to Congress. While a crisis may certainly cause distrust in the state, the decline of trust has affected virtually every sphere of social life which points toward a more systematic chipping away across the board. Because of this, I would say the catalyst is a different kind of (online) sociability altogether that is taking root today. 

Seems to be the same in many other countries, actually. In East Asia, these trends are especially prevalent. 

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Any data for India?