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I'm wrong, it's actually simple stoicism, not real alleviation of pain.

Congratulations to updating.

I'm using opera mini (beta some times) on android and I pasted a whole google search link , maybe their beta servers are in Russia? Or something about opera mini data optimization? I have nothing to hide, it's the ethics of science

Your premise is wrong. "So, let's get started with the basic idea. In this universe, things seem to run on probabilistic laws known as quantum mechanics. These allow for very strange consequences, which were previously thought eradicated." It's based on the Copenhagen interpretation of QM! (QED for example does not allow the delayed choice quantum eraser paradox existing in QM).

The problem with the Copenhagen interpretation is: "... that the probability density function from Schroedinger's time-independent equation when averaged over time ... (read more)

Yeah, I get the problem(s) now. Its been over two years. Why'd you bother commenting? I don't mean that in an agressive way.

An interesting fact is that in cultures like India, where reincarnation is just a popular belief, the subjective measure of suffering is lower. A social (shared) stoicism in the face of death makes it easier to bare.

In the West another form of suffering yet emerged that I would call the Sword of Damocles.

Also worth mentioning is psychological suffering, particularly Persecutory delusion & Persecution complex.

That's an interesting claim. What evidence do you have for that claim?

I agree. My perspective is, if this is a simulated reality, then it's best to look at ideals of perfection in different cultures, and based on that fine grain the problem of evil. I don't believe in Kabbalah either, but Judaism it's the archetypal base of a lot of religious people, so I believe is best to understand it, if we can brake it down to archetypes and objective perfection. Subjective perfection and its copy like replication, I believe is a problem to be addressed.

WOW I think it's just amazing! "So in theory we could hand it off to human philosophers or some other human-based procedure, thus dealing with "complexity of value" without much risk." *That could simply be handled by producing more complexity than entropy in replication pdf

"Then we could launch a powerful AI aimed at rebuilding reality to match it (more concretely, making the world's conscious experiences match a specific coarse-grained VR utopia, without any extra hidden suffering). That's still a very hard task, because it req... (read more)

The only way for a stochastic process to satisfy the Markov property if it's memoryless. Most phenomena are not memoryless, which means that observers will obtain information about them over time.

I believe it's a beautiful idea that doesn't obey the second law of thermodynamics. I like it because it's a different paradigm on the link between information and reality, based on boolean projections and topology. However the thermodynamic cost of erasing de-entangles bits at quantum scale would be enormous. There is not enough noise into the system to cool it down. In that respect, it might have value as a pre Big-Bang hypothesis but from what I can tell it will release energy at plank scale instantly.

"There is no contradiction between quantum phys... (read more)

When you value science for its prediction ability then automatically rationality becomes a burden. If you have a machine that can predict the lottery I don't really want to know how it works. It's merely enough you know how it works and I trust you. "Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking about them." Wisdom is just the window dressing of science working by abductive reasoning to inspire optimism in the users. Marketing of honest goods! :)

To be precise Wisdom is a regulator of L... (read more)

Expecting short Inferential Distances wouldn't that be a case of rational thought producing beliefs which are themselves evidence? :P Manifested in over-explaining to the point of cognitive-dissonance? How about applying Occam's Razor and going the shorter distance: improve the clarity of the source by means of symbolism though a reflective correction (as if to compensate for the distortion in the other lens). To me it means to steel-man the opponent's argument to the point where it becomes not-falisifible. See, the fact that science works by falsificati... (read more)