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While I have no definitive proof of this, it would seem to me that there has actually been advancement in the area automobiles that have increased their lethality. Mainly more powerful and efficient engines, and other such refinements in design which make them more robust, easier to use, and handle better increasing their utility as a weapon. I realize this is a bit vague, I am not an engineer, but it would seem to me that if I had to choose between a truck produced in the first half of the 20th century or a modern model, the former would likely not be my ... (read more)

Coca tea is still in use in parts of South America. I've been told it isn't really comparable to cocaine. Wikipedia is under the impression that there's about 6x as much cocaine in a cup of coca tea as a line. I've never had coca tea, but I can buy that doing cocaine is a little like what snorting 600mg of pure caffeine would be like for someone with no prior exposure to caffeine. (I don't recommend either at all.) How much cocaine was in the original Coca-Cola recipe? Allegedly, the original recipe had 3 drams coca extract to 2.5 gallons of water, whatever that means.
"unless it can be reasonably established that the information is oddly asymmetric" How often do you think these ideas come along? Defining danger of idea by logs of deaths per incident (upper bound of typical event caused by 'a few' people), and frequency of generation by annual (decadal? Monthly?) rate.