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Asymmetric Justice

The double double double double cross, shows evidence of being one of Us, but actually being one of Them.

Or, even better, Being both at once. The prestige, oh the prestige...

The Power to Demolish Bad Arguments

It is pretty easy to 'win' any argument that the other side has to take a strong stance behind.

Go ahead, ask something where you take a strong stance.

I was going to say Uber has definately done 'blank', but I'm not very Steve and saying that Uber isn't as 'fair' as amazon or walmart is a position that is easy to agree with or against. Whoever makes out the best is going to agree with this adversarial gain.

[Hammertime Final Exam] Quantum Walk, Oracles and Sunk Meaning

You have these two options, each exactly equally expensive and with exactly the same outcome. Which option would you prefer, if any?

This is obviously untrue. The same outcome for one entity, an entirely different outcome for a different entity.

And replace the word 'expensive' with 'cost', since we are pretending (funny) that money is something that is of abundance and shareholders will be making more regardless.