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Also, any resources on meta-philosophy would be great. 

Hi, I'm interested in learning more decision theory and about infinite ethics. Do you have any resources that I could study? 

I'd like to join in on this post and contribute, but I don't have enough of a formal understanding of the various decision theories (and decision theory in general) 

Regarding infinite ethics, Joseph Carlsmith has an excellent post on the topic. In general, his writing on philsophy is of high-quality.
Also, any resources on meta-philosophy would be great. 

Is there any implementation of this? If not, has any thought been put into how one would actually implement this? 

I have not implemented it myself, and don't know of anyone else who has either. I'd guess in terms of how it would be implemented, the best way would be to piggyback off of Coq or some other language from this list. Many of these already have a lot of work put into them, with libraries of definitions and theorems and so on. Then you allow trades between shares in A and B if and only if the trader can exhibit a proof of (A⟹B)∧(B⟹A). Hopefully the language has some reflection ability that allows you to determine which expressions are conjunctions or disjunctions or neither.