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I recommend remedial classes.
Well, I have to agree with this part of your comment (and laugh at the rest). I like HPatMoR a lot, but there is something about the writing style that disturbs me a bit, even after 68 chapters, although unlike you it's not a problem I have with anything else Eliezer has ever written, and I've read pretty much everything he's written.
I'm curious as to how you think the confessor is intended a self-insert given the confessor's horrible history. Am I misinterpreting what you've said? The writing style's strike me as very similar. Are you sure you aren't just seeing differences due to who it is aimed at? Also, is there a chance you can make more constructive criticism about what makes one unreadable and what the differences are? I'm not aware of any aspect of the story that obviously throws in Eliezer's "masturbatory fantasies" - it might help to note that a story can have sex, even strange sex, and not have it because the author is writing about their own personal fetishes. Also note that this remark comes across as uncivil. Unfortunately, while Less Wrong is a community that prides itself on rationality, people (both on LW and elsewhere) often use civility as a proxy for rationality. I suspect this has contributed to your downvotes.