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Thanks for your recommendation! I'll look into Cinelerra.
How about everyone here who is at High School age message me, and that will be our group. I feel like we would be able to work better with people who were closer in age. Of course, once you get older it doesn't matter as much, I think, but when your education is still in progress, we might have to do more background research. P.S. I'm 14, and I would say that I'm turning 15 in 2 months but that sounds even more childish than just leaving it at "I'm 14". In any case, I think I'm capable enough of compiling a list, and what comes after will come after.
It looks like we may have enough people interested in Probability Theory, Though I doubt we all live in the same city. I live near DC. Depending on how many people are interested/where they live, it might make sense to meet over video chat instead.
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Same here.