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Taking vitamin D3 with K2 in the morning

I've been taking Sports Research K2 + D3 with coconut oil -- 100 mcg K2 and 123 mcg D3 -- nowhere on the bottle does it specify if the K2 is trans. Any ideas on where to get this info? Website is useless:

2ChristianKl3yI think it's quite recent that the information that the cis form isn't useful for human propagated through the net. From what I saw when searching throught he products at the moment most of them make statements about being 95/99% trans. If company doesn't write this on the bottle for new pills that would a negative signal for me. You could also just send an email to their support and ask. 95% also isn't a huge problem as the cis stuff seems to do nothing, you just have to be aware that you are getting effectively 5% less of what you are looking for. If you would only get 30% trans, that would be a problem as you might not get enough.
Attention Lurkers: Please say hi

Hi, lurker here (male, Chicago, attorney, 30). I am a regular Overcoming Bias reader who followed Eliezer to this site. To quote Buster Bluth: "You guys are so smart!" (slides off chair).