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Thanks for noticing and pointing it out!

The API token was cancelled, sorry about that. The most recent version of the chatbot is now at and, and should not have the API token issue.

I'm glad to hear you're trying to catch up with the alignment ecosystem!

It is still supposed to be live and active, and it still works for me. Are you sure you have If so, then I'm not sure what's going on, it worked for everyone who I know that tried. If you have a different link, maybe we've been linking to the website incorrectly somewhere so please share the link you do have.

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  1. Just did. :)
  2. We've seen the channel, yes, though haven't messaged in it or anything.

Thanks for the comment!

At this point, we don't have a very clear plan, other than thinking of functionalities and adding them as fast as possible in an order that seems sensible. The functionalities we want to add include:

  • Automatic update of the dataset relatively often.
  • Stream completions.
  • Test embeddings using SentenceTransformers + Finetuning instead of OpenAI for cost and quality, and store them in Pinecone/Weaviate/Other (tbd); this will enable us to use the whole dataset for semantic search, and for the semantic similarity to have more 'knowledge' abou
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