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Those are all great questions. I’m going to start by asking the case worker those questions. I imagine they will buy items like diabetes medication, baby formula, and diapers. There my intervention frees up cash for the family to buy other items. Maybe I’ll direct the case worker to ask what they bought with the extra cash they have? I imagine the quality of life increase will come in the items they chose to buy with cash they didn’t have to spend on the necessities I bought.

I have never met the family and don’t plan on meeting them in person. A case worker will be in contact with them. I aim to maintain that distance, merely asking the case worker for data to plug into my spread sheet. The problem is that I do not know what data I should be plugging in.

If at all possible, I think it should really be recommended for you to meet them in person. Helps reduce problem due to Not Measuring What You Think You Are Measuring.