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Evolutions Are Stupid (But Work Anyway)

A couple thousand years ago, a guy appeared claiming to be God. Paradoxically, God said things like "All of you are Gods" and "God is inside of you." This upset the local religious leaders, who felt that God could be known from writings on scrolls. So they had the occupation troops arrest God, put him on show trial, and execute him. God has not returned since.

Fifty-some years ago, a possum named Pogo said "We have met God, and he is us." Oh wait, Pogo did not say that. But Walt Kelly would have approved.

Today, lolcat says "Evolooshunz is not God, we iz God."

Why Are Individual IQ Differences OK?

Sharper -- Pembroke Pines? Holy schmoley, that's a pretty small neighborhood. I'ts more known in my mind for Canadian snowbirds than high IQ dark skinned people. Do you have a reference for your assertion? I'm personally intererested because it's about 5 miles down the road from where my sailboat is right now. Plus it's where a friend of mine lived when she was in the escort business.


Jeez, what's next? "Optimism Bias and My First Kiss"?

As an avid reader, I have to say I'm enjoying the personal revelations. They have much in common with certain varieties of religious exuberance. In fact the whole sequence has the feel of an Olde Tyme Rationalist Revival.

But butt smacking recollections from summer camp? Surely there has to be a line somewhere.


In the Bahamas the homicide rate is about 15 times greater than the suicide rate:

Some of this may stem from cultural reluctance to identify suicide as such... but I think the majority of it is simply the mark of a violent society.

BTW, I love the Bahamas, I spend 9 months a year sailing there. It may be a troubled paradise, but nonetheless it remains a paradise.