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I didn't want to get carried away.

I love Conway's notation too. Seriously elegant and naturally extensible. But why did you choose to represent 2 ^^^ 5? That's not especially big. Did you mean 2 → 3 →5 (ie. 2 ^^^^^ 3)?

In the Chebyshev metric, circles ARE squares.

If God created a large enough rock, our notion of lifting becomes meaningless, since lifting is generally viewed as moving an object away from a gravitational body. However, the Earth is too big to lift, because it dominates its local gravity field. People refer to Earth as a rock, though, so the Earth is a rock that is too big to lift. If it were to be near enough to another object ... (read more)

Also, a cylinder is both circular and square, depending on which 2-D view one has of it.