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A Thinker's Book on Rationality: How to Be Less Wrong

Let's Talk about Rationality: Topics that Will Make You Less Wrong

Thinking the Right Way: How to Be Less Wrong

Being Rational: How to Think about and Win at Life

Through Rational Lens: Treatise of a Career Rationalist

Calling it the Sequences would only make Less Wrong laughable and support those who argue the people here are out of touch with reality. Do not call it the Sequences.

0Paul Crowley11y
I Can Make You Less Wrong In Thirty Days Or Less

Please always add a link because it makes the job of finding the paper much easier. A Google Scholar link works best for me personally.

EDIT: The book can be found here:


This site is the best for academic papers:

Seriously. Look at their list of available journals. They claim to have access to 21M papers.

How do I do that? Is there any way I can just get rss for comments?

For google reader I just give it the thread url and it gave me the comment feed.

I have access to many databases(my school subscribes to them), and check this page pretty frequently. I can help on a semi-regular basis if you want.

Awesome! Thanks for helping :) I've found it useful to add this page to my rss feed.
Yes, I've much appreciated your help. Thanks again!
Many thanks.