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I can also think of "MOPs" as a possible term, but that is more of a cultural class approach than a developmental skill approach

Sympathy vs Systematics as a 2x2 grid would be good, as cooperation vs competition, or voting and coalitional theory vs economics and zero-sum games. Might want to take a look at intelligence, "verbal tilt" and "dark core of personality" as they seem related in this context.

Let's take a look at cognitive vs non-cognitive traits first and foremost. Autism has cognitive and risky behavior bias, Bipolar has non-cognitive and longevity bias, but both are positively correlated to SES, Openness and Emotional Stability. Within this bias problem, we can see that Non-cognitive tilt is correlated to Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness. 

This for some reason feels similar to Emil Kirkegaard's Verbal Tilt theory, and how autism is non-verbal tilt and intelligence, bipolar ... (read more)

Looks like the same empathizing vs systematizing (same goes for bipolar being psychosis-adjacent). What about cluster B and ADHD? Autism seems like Cluster C, whilst bipolar-adjacent empathic types seems like Cluster A. If this works, it seems that there is a tri-factor model of psychopathology?

Here are some base problems I have against this whole "Antimeme" thing, as I can see that there are multiple counter definitions:

  1. Meme A that takes up the same category of mindspace as Meme B. Contrast this with symbiotic memes
  2. Memes that obscures itself against observation (the SCP fiction definition)
  3. A Memetic hazard, either culture-specific or universal

Currently is it just #1 but I hope that there are better ways of ruling this.