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The first and selfish answer (probably shared by countless others would be "I'm interested in working on that."

Am I qualified? Maybe; maybe not. I suspect I won't know what makes an effective AI safety planner until somebody actually starts to do it.

I make this observation. It looks to me that the potential emergence of AGI has two fronts. The first is raw scientific development. Programmers, engineers and cognitive scientists just "doing their thing;" understanding our world by replicating and modifying parts of it. The ... (read more)

Hi Brian, thanks for your reply! I think we would not need very special qualifications for this, it's more a matter of reading up on the main status of AI and safe AI, cite the main conclusions from academia and make sure they get presented well to both policy makers and normal people. You say you'd expect countless others to want to work on this too, but I didn't find them yet. I'm still hopeful they may exist somewhere, and if you find people already doing this, I'd love to get in contact with them. Else, we should start ourselves. Interesting observation! I'm thinking that your second front is especially interesting/worrying where AI improvement tasks are automated. For a positive feedback loop to occur, making AI get smarter very fast, many imagine an AGI is necessary. However, I'm thinking, what's improving AI now? Which skills are required? I think it's partially hardware improvement: academia and industry working together to keep Moore's law going. The other part is software/algorithm improvements, also done by academics and companies such as Deep Mind etc. So if the tasks of those researchers would be automated, that would be the point at which the singularity could take off. Their jobs tend to be analytical and focused on a single task, more than generically human and social, which I guess means that AI would find them easier. That in turn means the singularity (there should be a less scifi name for this) could happen sooner than AGI, if policy doesn't intervene. So also a long winded I agree. So how should we go about organizing this, if no one is doing it yet? Any thoughts? Thanks again for your reply, as I said above it's heartening that there are people out there who are on more or less the same page!