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Want to Know What Time Is?

What an inspiring thought. I love ideas like yours, mainly because I was taught philosophy at UCL in London UK. At the time Arnold Zuboff was a lecturer there and his ideas were as interesting as yours. I was there some time around 1992 or 3, I last spoke to him around 2004 maybe 2006. UCL may be able to put you in touch with him, as they did that for me. He is very good at discussing ideas such as yours in emails and on sites such as this. Let me assure you, Zuboff is a genius. Here is a paper he wrote regarding time and self identity

I am fairly certain, and I hope I'm not wrong or embarrassing myself or him in some way but seriously, get his advice

One Website To Rule Them All?

Tim Berners Lee was, some time ago, working on the idea of web 2 which would be in accord with your idea, since every web page metadata would include the possibility of being coordinated across websites, categorised, authored, timed. As I understood it there would be cross referencing and precision to searches and, unless I am very mistaken, would be in agreement with you that such things would be possible given time and money and knowledge. Tim berners lee could not write his ideas in one simple reply to a thread so all I can do is tell you to visit his w... (read more)

Philosophy: A Diseased Discipline

Sorry, I'm not a professional philosopher but did study it at university and still retain an interest in it. I was interested to read this statement. "Many philosophers have been infected (often by later Wittgenstein) with the idea that philosophy is supposed to be useless.".

I take that to mean you consider Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus to be his better work. I do too and have been mocked for saying so when I was a student. I was taught by some very famous professors at a well placed university but I wasn't much of a student, not the ... (read more)

What makes people intellectually active?

Opportunity is the key. Put it into context, what is the difference between, a rockstar who goes all round the world making music and spreading ideas through their words, and someone who buys their records, thinks about the music, tries their level best to play music and write songs that are of equal importance to the rockstars music, and yet their ideas arent able to get off the ground? It isnt for lack of trying. Someone once told me that undiscovered genius does not exist and never has. He was a very eminent professor of philosophy, yet I didnt believe ... (read more)

Spaghetti Towers

It seems to me you are talking about levels of entropy. High entropy systems still rely upon the low entropy of universal laws. A computer program routines may be itertwined, wrapped around each other, undocumented, may be a nightmare to understand, but if it works, why fix it? It conforms to the requirements to compile it into a useable executable file. A star that is exploding is like a spaghetti structure. It falls into a state of high entropy but only in as much as universal laws dictate how it will do that. Correct me if I am wrong but are you talking... (read more)