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Train Philosophers with Pearl and Kahneman, not Plato and Kant

I see you're point. Many philosophers still like reading and writing about dead people rather than looking to science for entertainment and answers. However, it is a hasty generalization to infer from this fact that "philosophy is a diseased discipline which spends much of its time debating definitions, ignoring relevant scientific results, and endlessly re-interpreting old dead guys who didn't know the slightest bit of 20th century science." And it is a bit myopic to think that your suggestion has not already been addressed by numerous instituti... (read more)

Leveling Up in Rationality: A Personal Journey

Please oh please make an MMORPG game out of this that requires accredited college credits in philosophy and science to level up. Please!

1FiftyTwo10yI've been prototyping a "fitocracy" equivalent for intellectual tasks but its self reporting rather than accreditted. Its mainly for my own amusement at the moment, but have been thinking of trying to set it up properly.
Meetup : Fort Collins, Colorado Meetup

Question: If I am new to LW meetups and only about to begin grad school in philosophy, then will this meetup be "out of my league"?