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Ask LW: Have you read Yudkowsky's AI to Zombie book?

Inspiring what you have achieved. I was thinking if I should embark too and translate it in my native language (Romanian) but maybe it may be a waste of time since the language is basically a hybrid and it has many logical fallacies ( double negatives are allowed for some reason). Maybe I could ask this: did you translated them one by one? (Or is google translate good enough for some essays since it is a long book) How much time did you spend? Are you going to publish (if legally possible) it so you make it more popular in your country?

Unfortunately, my translation didn't have any visible impact. My friends warned me that "it will be useless, because the kind of people who would be serious about rationality, they already speak English and read English texts online". I didn't listen to them, because I thought that even if this is true for most people, there are exceptions (such as people who suck at languages, or very young people) that make this work meaningful. But now... I have to admit they were probably right. As far as I know, there about five people in entire Sl... (read more)

Ask LW: Have you read Yudkowsky's AI to Zombie book?

It may have been a lot of more Bayesian quantum physics interpretation but I still found it enlighting for a layman to understand non locality and entanglement. If you would be kind to recommend some literature or even videos you found great about QM? (Which doesn't take the axiomatical belief that is ComPlex or ComPlicated which is the bad label they got that Eliezer mentioned)

5shminux3yThere are definitely cool parts in that sequence, as you said. Nonlocality, entanglement, the Liouville's theorem and some other concepts are presented lucidly and understandably, and with the Bayesian view. They are other parts, that are basically advocacy of Many Worlds, that are much weaker, but still mostly fun to read. It's just none of it is really needed for learning rationality. I am not a good authority on popular literature about QM, as I had learned it academically from undergrad and grad-level texts, and it's hard to go back to my previous self to do a fair evaluation of a popular book or a video series.