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I think they're more on the frontier of progressiveness. It's a jewish youth group, and the seminar is for all of the young adults involved in running the movement (we mainly run camps and activities for kids).

I thought it could be interesting to subtly challenge the whole being on the frontier thing and make them aware that it makes more sense to become open minded about things beyond the frontier.

There's no risk of corrupting the youth since we're not involving the kids we run stuff for in this seminar.

1. In an attempt to explain myself better: I have never been in a relationship. The benefits of healthy polyamory posed to me previously make sense to me logically. But because I do not actively think about relationships, nor have I been in one, I do not know whether I will be more comfortable with a mono relationship or with poly relationships. Which is why I say I may end up identifying. It makes sense to me, but I am yet to know what my personal experience will present to me.

2. I didn't exactly mean to directly align rationality to polyamory and ma... (read more)

We use the block courses of the website Code.Org. It's similar to scratch in some regards. Not familiar with LightBot.

So the kids I teach are about 7-12 years old.

Still in early stages, I've only been teaching them for 5 weeks so far (1 hour per week).

My approach is to set them onto a task, and get them to attempt it on their own. If they are struggling, I tell them that before I will help them they need to just try a few of the first things that come to mind, see what happens, and if they still need help I will walk them through figuring it out for themselves.

Only very rarely do I explicitly tell any of the kids how to do a specific thing.

Thanks! :-) What kind of tasks? Is it a game like LightBot, or an educational tool like Scratch, or a real programming language straight away?

I also teach a kids programming class currently. I also run youth movement activities for kids most wekeends and on holiday camps!

Cool! What's your approach to teaching programming? What age are the kids? Sorry for prying, I'm just very curious.