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I find this comment super interesting because

a) before, I would have expected many more people to be scared of being eaten by piranhas on LessWrong and not the EA Forum than vice versa. In fact, I didn't even consider that people could find the EA Forum more scary than LessWrong. (well, before FTX anyway)

b) my current read of the EA Forum (and this has been the case for a while) is that forum people like when you say something like "People should value things other than impact (more)" and that you're more likely to be eaten by piranhas for saying "People s... (read more)

The specific things you said about the EA forum seem true but it also seems to me to be a hellscape of vicious social punishment and conformity and suspicion. The existence of a number of people pushing back against that doesn't quite suffice for feelings of safety, at least according to my own intuitions.

edit: We're sorted :)


Hello, I'm Chi, the friend, in case you wanna check out my LessWrong, although my EA forum account probably says more. Also, £50 referral bonus if you refer a person we end up moving in with!

Also, we don't really know whether the Warren Street place will work out but are looking for flatmates either way. Potential other accommodation would likely be in N1, NW1, W1, or WC1

Hi, thanks for this comment and the links.

I agree that it's a pretty vast topic. I agree that the questions are personalized in the sense that there are many different personal factors to this question, although the bullets I listed weren't actually really personalized to me. One hope I had with posting to LessWrong was that I trust people here to be able to do some of the "what's most relevant to include" thinking, (e.g.: everything that affects ≥10% of women between 20 and 40 + everything that's of more interest on LessWrong than elsewhere (e.g. irrevers... (read more)

Sorry for replying so late! I was quite busy this week.

  • I initially wanted to commission someone and expected that I'd have to pay 4 digits. Someone suggested I put down a bounty. I'm not familiar with putting bounties on things and I wanted to avoid getting myself in a situation where I feel like I have to pay the full amount for
    • work that's poor
    • work that's decent but much less detailed than I had envisioned
    • multiple reports each
  • I think I'm happy to pay the full amount for a report that is
    • transparent in its reasoning, so I can trust it,
    • tells me how much to t
... (read more)

Thanks! I felt kind of sheepish about making a top-level post/question out of this but will do so now. Feel free to delete my comment here if you think that makes sense.

I would like if there was a well-researched LessWrong post on the pros and cons of different contraceptives. - Same deal with a good post on how to treat or prevent urinary tract infection, although I'm less excited about that.

  • I'd be willing to pay some from my private money for this to get done. Maybe up to £1000? Open to considering higher amounts.
  • It would mostly be a public service as I'm kind of fine with my current contraception. So, I'm also looking for people to chip in (either to offer more money or just to take some of the monetary burden off me!)
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I think this would be really valuable and would be happy to pay $500 to a post that is good here.
This is a public service. I think you could write this up as a post/question for more visibility.

Thanks! I already mention this in the post, but just wanted to clarify that Paul only read the first third/half (wherever his last comment is) in case people missed that and mistakenly take the second half at face value.

Edit: Just went back to the post and noticed I don't really clearly say that.

Hey, thanks for the question! And I'm glad you liked the part about AGZ. (I also found this video by Robert Miles extremely helpful and accessible to understand AGZ)


This seems speculative. How do you know that a hypothetical infinite HCH tree does not depend the capabilities of the human?

Hm, I wouldn't say that it doesn't depend on the capabilities of the human. I think it does, but it depends on the type of reasoning they employ and not e.g. their working memory (to the extent that the general hypothesis of factored cognition holds that we can succe... (read more)

Thanks for the comment and I'm glad you like the post :)

On the other topic: I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't be very helpful here. I'd be somewhat surprised if I'd have had a good answer to this a year ago and certainly don't have one now.

Some cop-out answers:

  • I often found reading his (discussions with others in) comments/remarks about corrigibility in posts focused on something else more useful to find out if his thinking changed on this than his blog posts that were obviously concentrating on corrigibility
  • You might have some luck reading through some of his
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Fair enough. Thanks for the recommendations. :)

Copied from my comment on this from the EA forum:

Yeah, that's a bit confusing. I think technically, yes, IDA is iterated distillation and amplification and that Iterated Amplification is just IA. However, IIRC many people referred to Paul Christiano's research agenda as IDA even though his sequence is called Iterated amplification, so I stuck to the abbreviation that I saw more often while also sticking to the 'official' name. (I also buried a comment on this in footnote 6)

I think lately, I've mostly seen people refer to the agenda and ideas as Iterated Am

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Ah that sounds reasonable. As a stickler about abbreviations, I'll just add that if you do want to stick with "IDA" and "Iterated Amplification" then it seems a little odd to use the phrase "stands for" to connect the two. (Since the D in "IDA" does not stand for anything in "Iterated Amplification".)   EDIT: My inner pedant would be satisfied if this was simply worded as something like, "IDA stands for Iterated Distillation and Amplification, which we will refer to as Iterated Amplification for short." (I'll leave it to you to decide whether my inner pedant is your target audience. ;-) )