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Voting pattern always seem to guide behaviors. I've been playing this game for a long time. I've learned from this site is that I shouldn't speak about topics that I haven't spent as much time as others have on this site. Others have established literature history on this site and their blogs, but I haven't and my history outside of this platform is taken into account to, which I do not have the privilege of the benefit of the doubt like most other new users have. As such, because of my lack of expertise and the unbalanced nature of my exposure, it is highly discouraged for me to post anything less than of the top notch quality literature based on my abilities.

All I'm saying is that you are asking for too much.

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Why am I being downvoted? So strange.

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It didn't work because the counterargument-generator is one level of abstraction higher, and has to be operated and circumstantially adapted too precisely for the social-space to be argued into it using words.

You could tell people to read certain books, but how they read and what they get out of them is quite unknown, a lot of times even to the readers themselves. There is no exact formula for how to learn things. You could take things at face value, and those usually only work for guided courses. As for reading a book, you have to pause and think about the stuff you read, and there is no general guidance on how deep of a thought tangent you want to explore. Most books are read sequentially, but optimizing what you get out of the things you read, doesn't have to be books, is hardly a sequential task.

Also not all knowledge is expressible in linguistic terms. A typical example is kinesthetic knowledge, like muscle memories. Also as you read more, the speed of your reading increases. Usually they associate these type of information as skills. There is a clear distinction when we talk about knowledge and skill, but by their very nature, they might not be so distinct as we like to think of them. Musical improvisation is a mixture of multiple knowledge domains.

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Nobody learns Hindi because they learn English. The applicability and potential usage for your language learning choice is mostly dependent on the availability of your own opportunities. Japanese don't really learn English much, so you have others learning Japanese, they also find out about Japanese through cultural exposure, mainly because the West considers Japan to be advanced, same with Korea. You don't really see Western countries promoting other cultures at home. K-pop and Japanese culture are pretty much the only foreign culture they import other than traditional European cultures. The South Asian culture is mostly consumed by South Asian immigrants. The pragmatism is closely tied to population as well.

Bayeswatch 6: Mechwarrior


Also sometimes certain words aren't always suitable. For instance if you google translate "original meaning", it shows up as 本义, but it really should be 原意 in this context since it's about the overall article meaning as opposed to individual vocabulary.

Bayeswatch 6: Mechwarrior

“下批伞兵起立” 从广播上传来
Confirm Jump,机兵对Vi说
自从Vi被Bayeswatch代表人Molly Miriam管理的一个大学预科录取以后,她就忙着一个任务到另一个任务翻天覆地的过日子。
Hostiles approaching 在她的屏幕上显示出。Vi用她的视为鼠标双击了刚弹出的窗口。
Engage? Such action will result in loss of life.
The second wave will reach us in five minutes. Schedule engagement?