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Be honest, how many of you finished the Portal Song at the end of this post?

For a long time, I've had problems with phrases that treat Pride as a good thing. i.e. "Take some pride in X" "Where is your pride?" "Have you no pride?"

I realize that in the past, Pride may have had many positive evolutionary values, but in modern times, we have more efficient and accurate ways to test for usefulness and prowess among our population.

From what I can tell - this is actually just the flip-side of shame. Shame is often used to coerce people into (or out of) certain behaviours. Contrast with: "Where is your shame?", "Have you no shame?"

If I were to travel to the North Pole and live there through the months of January and February with no prior knowledge of the area, then I would almost certainly believe (one could even say Theorize) that it is constantly night time at the North Pole. I could move back to The United States, and may never know that my theory is wrong. If I had, however, stayed through March and maybe into April, I would then know that the Sun does eventually rise. From this extra information, I could postulate a new theory that would likely be more correct.

"The Sun ri... (read more)