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The Web3 industry and crypto space is so large that I have been working in the sector as a Project Manager for over 3 years and my knowledge still just scratches the surface.

As for “1 or 2 killer DApps” I do know that the blockchain we have been building on, offers utility.

Users own their social media accounts through a Master Key similar to Bitcoin holders owning their BTC through a wallet address and key.

  • The usernames on Hive are the wallet addresses.

Social media DApps on Hive are also open source with more on the way, increasing acco... (read more)

Will you be getting your BTC’s from the Mt. Gox. Case?

I understand ETH’s large market cap and it’s popularity due to it’s first move advantage… but what is everyone’s thoughts about DERO… a fungible alternative to ETH?

I tend to think the technology of ETH is out of date, and wonder about whether it is truly decentralized or not.