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2013 Less Wrong Census/Survey

Second time taking the survey. I think a lot of my answers to the probability questions have changed in the last year — I think I've discovered more about myself and my beliefs since the first survey.

High School, Human Capital, Signaling and College Admissions

Twice in high school I sacrificed building my human capital in order to take courses that I believed would signal better quality — or at least, would enable me to signal better quality in other areas. Did this hinder my acceptance into Ivy-League schools and selective programs in the university I currently attend? Possibly. But at the time, I felt that taking AP courses that I didn't care about would be a waste of time, especially when I had access to so many other beneficial activities beyond the classroom (namely work and free educational resources).

Jun... (read more)

Why Real Men Wear Pink

I noticed the same phenomenon when I went to a public elementary school that required uniforms.

Even though the school was in one of the poorest areas of the city, kids still found plenty of ways to signal their status to others. High-status kids had more jewelry, fashionable haircuts, and were exempt from many of the uniform rules (such as having to tuck in their shirts) because they made friends with the administrators. Girls tended to signal more with their clothes because we had the options of blouses, skorts, and skirts in addition to the polo shirts ... (read more)

A Rational Approach to Fashion

This is relevant, considering that I'm replacing most of my wardrobe at the moment and trying to strategically find new clothes that both suit me and will help me achieve the goals I've set for the near future. Namely, improving my social skills, learning to make better first impressions, and analyzing the effect of what I wear on my daily psychology. (I've noticed over the last few months that when I wear nicer or bolder clothes, I'm more comfortable with speaking my mind and make fewer unconscious attempts to become invisible in social settings. Maybe I ... (read more)

Religion's Claim to be Non-Disprovable

Thank you for writing this. The points you made here help make all of the jumbled thoughts I've had about religion cohere better. A pity that the members of my family who are still religious aren't willing to accept any alternatives to their worldview — I'd enjoy sharing this essay with them. I'll discuss it with those who are more like me, instead.

Welcome to Less Wrong! (July 2012)

Thanks! Reading Luminosity and Radiance helped me move on from most of the disgust and anger I harbored toward the original series, and after reading the other posts on luminosity, I'm starting to observe and monitor my thoughts and actions more often.

Welcome to Less Wrong! (July 2012)

My apologies for not making it clearer. The Enneagram and Spiral Dynamics are two entirely separate subjects, though both related to psychology. At least one other user here knows about the Enneagram, — Mercurial, I think — though I'm not sure if anyone knows about the Spiral. The Enneagram is a model for human personality types and the Spiral is theory of evolutionary psychology.

Personally, the way I've learned the Enneagram is from this book, with help from another person who is far more knowledgeable than I am. That same person helped me to understand ... (read more)

0Bugmaster9yThanks for the info !
Welcome to Less Wrong! (July 2012)

Hi, I’m Cinnia, the name I go by on the net these days. I found my way here by way of both HPMOR and Luminosity about 8 months ago, but never registered an account until the survey.

Like Alan, I’m also in my final year of secondary school, though I’m on the other side of the pond. I love science and math and plan to have a career in neuroscience and/or psychiatry after I graduate. This year I finally decided to branch out my interests a bit and joined the local robotics club (a part of FIRST, if anyone’s curious), and it’s possibly the best extracurricular... (read more)

0Bugmaster9yWhat are "Riso and Hudson’s Enneagram and Spiral Dynamics", out of curiosity ? I Googled the terms, but didn't see anything that I could immediately relate to Less Wrong, hence my curiosity.
0Alicorn9yWelcome! I like it when people come here by way of my stuff :)
2012 Less Wrong Census/Survey

Took it and decided to de-lurk for the first time. (Hello!) I found the experience rather humbling.

I also de-lurked for the first time to take the survey!

I'm too intimidated to post anything else. :(