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SSC/Lesswrong San Diego Meetup

Continuing with the pattern, our next meetup would be Saturday, Nov 13. @Connor /CitizenTen won't be able to make it, so Zach offered to help coordinate. We'll meet at the same place as last time: Bird Park (here, at least initially: and the same time: 1pm PT. 

Separately, Zach volunteered to help put together a small activity to try to encourage interesting conversations. We can pilot it at this next meetup, if there's interest. (Like any pilot, we can bail on it if it doesn't seem to be working.) Elevator pit... (read more)

Meetup Advice #1: Choosing a venue

Hmmm... It seems that someone has thought of doing the exact same thing? Though considering the digging I had to go to find it, it should be more prominent. 

6mingyuan2moI mentioned this in my sequence intro [], but to restate it here: That guide is nine years old, and things have changed a fair amount in the past decade; it's also difficult to navigate. Also, you might notice that the advice on choosing a venue covers less than one whole page; I thought there was room for an updated guide that's also more thorough and data-informed.
Shoulder Advisors 101

On the having a shoulder Duncan, I explicitly tried to do this upon listening to you being interviewed by Spencer Greenberg.  Sadly, digital Duncan doesn't exist in large enough quantities to emulated.  So for those of us that don't happen to live (I assume) in the Bay Area, can Duncan increase how many podcast or video's he's on?  Having a shoulder Duncan sounds really useful to a large number of people you interact with and enlarging that pool purposely seems to be a pretty good idea. Food for thought?

My best talk

My longest talk

My Harvard talk

My badly-in-need-of-updating website which happens to have a "writing" tab F U L L of stuff

You can find a couple others on Youtube by searching "Duncan Sabien."

Also you can get people to invite me to podcasts and I'll often say yes. =P

San Diego Less Wrong

Thanks for the help! Now let's just hope that no one reads it as 8 pm and decides that's the time!

San Diego Less Wrong

No. For whatever reason, on the backend it says 1:00 pm.  It just says GMT and either you can't change that, or I haven't found out how.  (So it's at 1 pm, a more sane time )

2mingyuan2moI'm not a dev so I'm not sure, but I think the site takes your location info, and if you have location access turned off, it defaults to GMT. FYI, you can still set the correct time for the event by converting between time zones — e.g. since GMT is 7 hours ahead of PDT, you would set the event to be at 8pm, and then it would display the correct time for people in PDT. (I have to do this all the time when I post events that are in different countries. Annoying, but I guess time zones are hard.) In the meantime I've fixed it for you :)
San Diego, CA – ACX Meetups Everywhere 2021

Had an awesome meetup.  If anyone wanted to meet but just didn't get the chance, you're welcome to join the newly minted discord server:

San Diego, CA – ACX Meetups Everywhere 2021

Host was transferred to me.  Bird park and same time, yadda, yadda.  Nothing should change. See you there! 

San Diego, CA – ACX Meetups Everywhere 2021

All set.  I got transferred to host.  Nothing should change.  Though tbh, it shouldn't matter much.  It's mainly just a shelling point.  I'm sure even if Jessie did nothing someone would show up.  But yeah.  See you there!

San Diego, CA – ACX Meetups Everywhere 2021

Hey! Connor here. I’ll be willing to host if you really can’t. Just send me all the “host” information I should know about and thing such as that. Mainly just private message me and we’ll go from there. (either through less wrong or Cheers!

1scarcegreengrass3moWhat's the status of this meetip, CitizenTen? Did you hear back?
Luna Lovegood and the Chamber of Secrets - Part 4

Could you please post this on, AO3, or cross-posted to r/rational or r/hpmor?  I'm really enjoying this story but its hard to get notified when you post a new update.  Also, this is great and deserves more eyeballs on it.

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