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How To Raise Others’ Aspirations in 17 Easy Steps

I definitely find it helpful to be surrounded by people who will do this for me and help me cultivate a habit of it over time. The case for it being very impactful is if people do a one-time thing, like apply for something or put themselves in the running for something that they otherwise wouldn't have that makes a big difference. The ones that are about accountability (Can I remind you about that in a week?) also are sort of a conscientiousness loan, which can be cheap since it can be easier to check in on other people than to do it for yourself. 

How To Raise Others’ Aspirations in 17 Easy Steps

It is definitely important to have sense of who you're talking to and what they need (law of equal and opposite advice). For what it's worth, 5-10 and 13 are aimed to be disproportionately helpful for people who have trouble doing things (depending on the reason). 

Frame Control

The other move, I think, is something like "my cat's not doing well", which is pretty fucked up to say if false, but does put the frame back on "you don't know what's going on with me and you don't get to assume".

9romeostevensit2moEven simpler but getting many of the benefits is "was that a question?"
5Liron2moLol interesting, that definitely undermines the person’s frame. The difference is that my version builds status/respect for me as a capable frame battler while the other builds compassion for you as a victim of the person’s aggression (and a sufferer of the cat situation).

What comes to mind immediately for me is that conveying those of these that are relatively empirical to newcomers in each given field seems really valuable.

Speaking of Stag Hunts

Oh yeah, I've seen you post this before, I liked it!

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Speaking of Stag Hunts

For what it's worth, I think some of those terrible ideas are great or close to great.

In particular:

  • Hire a team of well-paid moderators for a three-month high-effort experiment of responding to every bad comment with a fixed version of what a good comment making the same point would have looked like.  Flood the site with training data.
  • Make a fork of LessWrong run by me, or some other hopeless idealist that still thinks that there might be something actually good that we can get if we actually do the thing (but not if we don't).
  • Create an anonymous acco
... (read more)
5Duncan_Sabien2moI like it, but not as much as I like two-axis proposals, which I think can be done with a smooth enough UI that they don't impose a burden. With something like the below, you can click to weak vote and hold to strong vote, just like we currently do, and can in one click express each of the four following positions: * I like/agree with this point, and furthermore think it's being expressed correctly/is in line with norms of reasoning and discourse I want to see more of on LW (dark blue) * I like/agree with this point, but I want to note objection with how it's being expressed/have reservations about whether it's good rationality or good discourse (pale orange) * I dislike/disagree with this point, and want to note objection with how it's being expressed (dark orange) * I dislike/disagree with this point, but want to endorse/support the way it was arrived at and expressed (pale blue)

You might enjoy a reverse dictionary, where you search words by their meanings:

Or finding Related Words:

Or being able to search for common adjectives / descriptors for a given noun:


Rationality Quotes November 2012

"His mother had often said, When you choose an action, you choose the consequences of that action. She had emphasized the corollary of this axiom even more vehemently: when you desired a consequence you had damned well better take the action that would create it." - Lois McMaster Bujold, writer (b. 1949)

Qualitatively Confused

I imagine what they might be doing is acknowledging that they have a variety of reactions to the facts or events in question, but haven't taken the time to weigh them so as to come up with a blend or selection that is one of: {most accurate, most comfortable, most high status}

1Rixie9yI can testify to that. Say, does anyone know where I can find unbiased information on the whole Christianity/Atheism thing?
Rationality Quotes June 2012

Margaret Fuller, intoxicated by Transcendentalism, said, "I accept the universe," and Thomas Carlyle, told of the remark, supposedly said, "Gad, she’d better."

3Eugine_Nier10yThis depends on what is meant by "accept the universe". Does this mean that you're ready to deal with reality, or that you accept the way the universe currently is and aren't going to try to make it better?
Rationality Quotes June 2012

Seek not to follow in the footsteps of men of old; seek what they sought. -Matsuo Basho, poet (1644-1694)

Seems like a good way to think of the "seek to succeed, not to be rational" idea.