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I agree with your idea. It reminds me of your lecture in Stanford: all humans dying is bad because in effect we lose the entire known universe. Someone risking their only chance at sentient existence is much braver than someone who thinks they will live on in heaven. Very cool. Just told my friend and he agreed.

I think the reason Ghandi is famous is because he orchestrated his protests. Sure, other people marched alongside (it would have failed otherwise) but he had to plan it, not just join in. Add to that the fasts and sacrifices he made to his cause, and I'd say he deserves his reputation.

Interesting, but without the dollar values adjusted for inflation, I feel like the point is lost on me of that part of the data, all though get the idea.

Edit: It only went up to $.84, so I guess it doesn't matter that much (used the Inflation Calculator)

Gosh, it's amazing the biases we have when the data is non-evaluatable, and then even when we can compare, we still have a bias towards an overflowing but smaller can, and an under filled but bigger can. The funny thing is I realize I've thought this way, too, until I read this just now. I shall not make the mistake again!

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You probably will. I think this biases thing doesn't disappear even when you're aware of it. It's a generic human feature. I think self-critical awareness will always slip at the crucial moment; it's important to remember this and acknowledge it. Big things vs small things as it were.

Is this a derivative of the charity question, about saving the 20,000 birds? Seems very similar. And I love the bias you describe people having even when the stats themselves are not biased at all. This is like a mini phycology lesson! I love it!

New Speak always chilled me. To limit the abilities of population by limiting their vocabulary seems like a sneaky and underhanded thing to do that should never be attempted by any government. Needless to say the idea of 1984 being real freaks me out.

I personally use jokes to crack ice, as most people are too busy laughing to grasp an inner meaning :)

Ha ha, good joke there at the end.

Is there a hidden meaning to this? I only grasp the exterior feel to this shiny poem.

I honestly don't like hugging things, though. So I will go with the literal meaning of your title :)

Hmmm. I'm not sure what to believe here: you, or So8rien.

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An interesting perspective to take. Bravo!

Very neat and thought provoking.

Sorry for being nit-picky, but one thing here really bugs me.

I would recommend extreme caution when recording data you remember from the experience of a lucid dream. Despite the fact that you may have been conscious that you were unconscious, the fact that you were in a dream-like state could mess with what you remember. While I personally have little (okay, no) experience with lucid dreaming, It seems safe to assume that you might forget details of the dream after waking up and trying to recall it, especially if you wait days before trying to remember the... (read more)

a) In my experience, lucid dreams are more memorable than normal dreams b) You seem to assume that Whales completely forgot about the dream until they wrote this blog post, which is unlikely, because obviously they'd be thinking about it as soon as they woke up, and probably taking notes. c) Whales already said that it hardly even constitutes evidence

A very interesting take on rationalizing lying, though I think that you might be over-rationalizing it (if such a thing is possible). It seems to me that such a thing can be summed up it a couple sentences: if it benefits you and those around you, it is okay. If it doesn't, than it is not okay. Lying only to benefit yourself is unethical, immoral, and under plenty of circumstances, illegal. Honestly, you can use this as a general principle: if it is unethical, then there is an increased probability it is illegal. Now, this doesn't apply to announcing one's homosexuality, or to simply lying about a friend's looks, but still...