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Our ancestors hunted together and lived in groups. If it had been a zero sum game there would be no point in living in groups.

See a comment by Roko [] which addresses this point and which I agree with.

Here is another idea that might be argued to be anti-cryonics. Should we clone Neanderthals?

Bernard Rollin, a bioethicist and professor of philosophy at Colorado State University, doesn't believe that creating a Neanderthal clone would be an ethical problem in and of itself. The problem lies in how that individual would be treated by others. "I don't think it is fair to put people...into a circumstance where they are going to be mocked and possibly feared," he says, "and this is equally important, it's not going to have a peer group. Given

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"The parental grief is not even subconsciously about reproductive value - otherwise it would update for Canadian reproductive value instead of !Kung reproductive value."

Or maybe the evolution did not have sufficient time to update. Most of the change in the reproductive value occurred pretty recently.