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One possible issue with radically increased lifespan

To me, the real turning point is if and when we learn how to precisely control our personalities - in short, reengineering human nature itself. Of course there's the nature vs nurture matter in this, not to mention all the potential factors than even go into a personality, let alone alter it. But I'm 100% against uncontrolled transhumanism, or even mere unregulated genetic modification or augmentation.

Though, let's suppose there was a way to correct obviously harmful behaviorial defects with at least a partial genetic basis, particularly behavior every so... (read more)

1mwengler9yThe dissonance is between the modifications you would like to see and the modifications which will dominate. Even if 99.999% wants to see a kinder, gentler, less psychopathic human, if there is one a-hole in the bunch who turns up psychopathic agression and reproduction drive in such a way that the resulting creature does pretty well, his result will dominate. I would bet that personalities that will not kill off the other creatures who are genetically dangerous to them will never, over time, be on the winning side.
Expertise and advice

I think the real question is how do we retain information better, if that would happen, then surely you don't need someone to actively remind you of hidden information. If I retained 1% of the stuff I've read in the past, I'd be the equivalent to an encyclopaedia. I write tutorials sometimes, and my ability to write good ones has never depended on the presence or absence on participants.

Computer Science and Programming: Links and Resources

Interesting thread, I see these huge lists all the time full of links, resources etc. But something to think about is that someone who wants to program most likely already has a plan. And if they don't, I don't think they have the time or ability to decipher this material.

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0dbaupp9yI'm sure there are many people who have heard about, and are interested by, this "coding" thing and maybe even had people encourage them to learn something, but have no idea where to start, and don't even know enough jargon to be able to effectively find a starting place. Lists like these provide a distilled subset of the huge amount of information that allows beginners to start somewhere. (I do think this list could be better arranged to target beginners: more emphasis on a small number of Python tutorials to give a good entry point.)