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"But, small as this probability is, it isn't anywhere near as small as 3^^^^3 is large"

Eliezer, I contend your limit!


Sure, there are upgrades that one can make in which one can more or less prove deterministically how it changes a subsystem in isolation. Things like adding the capability for zillion bit math, or adding a huge associative memory. But it's not clear that the subsystem would actually be an upgrade in interaction with the AI and with the unpredictable environment, at once. I guess the word I'm getting hung up on is 'correctness.' Sure, the subsystems could be deterministically correct, but would it necessarily be a system-wide upgrade?

It's also espec... (read more)

"You could build a modular, cleanly designed AI that could make a billion sequential upgrades to itself using deterministic guarantees of correctness."

Really? Explain how? It seems like a general property of an intelligent system that it can't know everything about how with would react to everything. That falls out of the halting theorem (and for that matter Godel's first incompleteness theorem) fairly directly. It might be possible to make a billion sequential upgrades with probabilistic guarantees of correctness, but only in a low entropy environment, and even then it's dicey, and I have no idea how you'd prove it.