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Interesting thought. I’m a bit new to this site but is there a “generally accepted” class of solutions for these type of AI problems? What if humans used multiple of these Oracle AIs in isolation (they don’t know about each other) and the humans asking the questions show no reaction to the answers. The questions are all planned in advance so the AI cannot “game” humans by “influencing” the next question using its current answer. What about once the AI achieves some level of competency we reset it after each question-answer cycle so it’s competence is frozen at some useful but not nefarious level (assuming we can figure out where that line is).

Do you have a PayPal or something other than Patreon? I’ll make a one time donation but have an (perhaps unreasonable) abhorrence to Patreon’s recurring model.

Yeah I'll PM it to you, I didn't want to list it on the blog because it has my legal name attached to it.