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Hey guys, you may know me as pizzarules1000, but I want to formally introduce myself to the community. My name is Kim Suozzi. Here's a link to my Facebook (, a video I made today (, and Twitter, which you might enjoy ( I'd be happy to upload some documents confirming my identity/that I have cancer. I'll be at Duke tomorrow and can have my medical records sent to whomever. I also could upload a pathology report today, or have one of my doctors email you ... (read more)

I contributed twenty dollars. I wish I could help more, but... college student. You seem like a cool person, and I wish you long life and prosperity, current inconveniences aside. With prompt cryopreservation, your odds (in my estimation) are actually pretty good. The big risk is that either a major, civilization-disrupting disaster will occur in the next century, or CI will suffer economic failure, and be unable to afford containment costs. With chemo-preservation as a backup option in the latter case, you may take some comfort in knowing that if you die the real death, as Zelazny would say, odds are pretty good you're taking western civilization down with you. Best of luck to you on your fundraising, and subsequent vacation from the mortal coil.
Dear Kim, I donated $25. (I'm broke, okay?) I hope and pray[1] that you'll make it to the future, and look forward to meeting you there. You are smart for finding a path to life, brave for doing what you must in the face of death, and sensible for worrying about that instead of how smart and brave you sound. You have earned peace and joy and praise; may you enjoy them now, and enjoy them later. Love, Leo. [1] PayPal counts as a higher power, right?
I just donated, and seems like quite a few people are doing same. Please post something here to see how you're doing on your target and CI formalities. (more can be done at a later point)

Kim, I am so sorry about what has happened to you. Reading your post was heartbreaking. Death is a stupid and terrible thing.

Like JGWeissman, I planned to donate $500.

Stephan has been a close friend of mine for the past decade, and when he told me he was planning to donate $5,000, I wrangled a commitment from him to do what I do and donate a significant and permanent percentage of his income to efficient charities. There are many lives to save, and even though you have to do some emotional math to realize how you should be feeling, it's the right thing to do and it's vital to act.

He wrangled a commitment from me too: when CI manages a fund for you, I will donate $5,000.


Hi Kim, I'm Stephan. Your story hit me harder than probably anyone else here - I'm 29, I intend to sign up for cryonics in the next few years, and glioblastoma multiforme has killed two of my ancestors: my maternal grandmother when I was very young, and my dad in 2010. If I were diagnosed with GBM now, much less at 23, I'd be mewling like a kitten in terror. I am truly sorry to hear of the shitty hand that nature has dealt you.

I will donate $5,000 when CI manages a fund for you (like JGWeissman said).

While some people have been offering you terrible "... (read more)

Welcome. I plan to donate when CI manages a fund []. I appreciate your understanding that I want to be careful. (And set up the right incentives for future cases. I'm pretty confident you are legit.) (ETA: There is now a fund set up by the Society for Venturism [], and I have made my donation through them.) You had mentioned on your Reddit post that your boyfriend is supportive of your decision to pursue cryonics. Is he interested in cryonics for himself? Cryonics is much more affordable when you set things up when you are young and healthy, he may be able to do it on his own. I have been figuring out ways to get interested people to actually do this (and it turns it to be really easy []), and I'm sorry I didn't figure this out and meet you earlier, when you were thinking about cryonics but not yet diagnosed. You actually inspired me to post about that now instead of waiting to see how many people I got to start made it through the whole process.
Not going to donate myself (makes no sense unless I set up my own cryo plans first), but I'll be quite happy for you if you reach your goal of $35k or so charged by CI. Good luck!
Awesome. Welcome here! I have updated the main article to link to this.